F.A.R.E Consulting


F.A.R.E Consulting, a Swiss company, found in 2016. The company provides advisory services in different fields: finance, real estate and modern and contemporary art. We primarily target private clients, but also work with corporations. Additionally, our expertise includes: taxation, inheritance, capital structuring, relocation and many other services in order to provide the most effective solution to our clients.

F.A.R.E Consulting works with leading global financial institutions, law firms and tax advisors, international and Swiss developers which allow the use of global expertise and offer the best results.


FARE Consulting Gmbh is recognized as a partner by many banks and asset managers with the highest quality reputation and a long track record of financial excellence.

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We provide a professional, personalized approach to the business, whether for the purchase of a single painting or developing an entire collection that will enhance a specific corporate image.

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A villa in Italy, chalet in Switzerland or penthouse in Miami, we help you find your ideal home, as well as commercial investment opportunities, tailored to individuals and businesses.

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Swiss banks are known to be some of the best, most reliable and stable financial institutions in the world. Being one of the main industries in Switzerland since its foundation...

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