F.A.R.E Consulting


  • Bank account opening:

Planning to open an Offshore Bank Account for Yourself or your Company?FARE Consulting Gmbh has extensive experience with both private as well as corporate bank account opening in different banking jurisdictions, with the world’s leading top tier banks. Our company provides maximum confidentiality.

  • Wealth Management
  • Custody Service
  • Account Management
  • Delegation services
  • Structure financing solution on project or entity level
  • Asset Management-      
  •  Establishing and managing of collective investment schemes in form of an Alternative Investment Fund, UCIT or Offshore Fund.
  •  Neoclassical portfolio management
  •   Management of individual asset portfolios
  •   Forensic and advisory financial and legal services
    • Tax consultation in Switzerland
    •         Tax planning and advising
    •         Strategies for tax optimization
    •         Tax Statements
    •          MWST Calculation
      • Business consulting
      •        Company foundation
      •        Restructuring
      •        Financial Consulting
      •        Controlling
      •        Mergers and Acquisition
      •        Internal control Systems
      •        Company valuation
      •        Succession Planning
      •        Liquidation
      • Investment Advice
      • Budget construction
      •  Investment strategies
      •  Wealth Structuring
      •  Pension planning
      •  Strategies for tax optimization
        • Integrity and due diligence
        • PrivateFamilyofficeservice
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