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  • Due Diligence and Compliance

 We aim to deliver Best Business practice standards in a lawful environment, in the client’s best interest. Mindful of the laws and regulations on the prevention of international money laundering, FARE Consulting Gmbh implements strict risk control procedures and balances.

We believe that an efficient due diligence process is in the client’s best interest and thus undertake due diligence checks, with a commercial appreciation of the practicalities of business, of all our clients. FARE Consulting Gmbh holds licenses with different risk intelligence companies, such as World Check, in order to process due diligence in the best possible way.

Understanding a client’s profile is critical to making smart decisions for the future. Hence FARE Consulting Gmbh’s professionalism follows a strategic process to determine what is in the client’s best interest and to identify the best opportunities.

  • Company registration (French and German Switzerland)
  • Virtual office service -Telephone answering and mail management

F.A.R.E. Consulting offers a virtual office service in Switzerland

This service enhances the reputation and credibility of your company by providing an address and telephone number in an onshore location. This therefore lends substance and creates confidence in companies, which only appear to be based in an offshore location.

Our virtual office service is comprehensive and includes all the administrative and secretarial assistance you require. You will be assigned a telephone number and our secretary will answer all your calls promptly. A missed call can mean lost business; that’s what inspired FARE Consulting Gmbh to set up a suitable structure and staff so as to be fully effective.

The main advantages of the virtual office:

Reception and forwarding of your mail from one of our office in Switzerland.
Your phone calls will be answered promptly and dealt with according to your wishes (forwarded to another phone number or a message taken).

We act as your secretary and this lends substance to and creates confidence in your company.
Your phone calls are answered from 8: 30 in the morning until 18: 00. Outside these hours our answering machine will take your messages.

You will be informed immediately of any new messages for your attention.
Reception of your faxes 24/7 and forwarding of the faxes to your email by scanned pdf.

Price is 1 350 CHF per month

  • Relocation Services

We provide relocation services through real estate investment in Cyprus, Portugal, Malta and Hungary.

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